Yoga For Man Making and Nation Building

Yoga philosophy is one of the six systems Hindu philosophies. The word Yog means, coming together, strong relations, combine, merging the two things, joining, the joining of individual self with the Supreme self, individual will with the universal will. This union with the God is the goal of life. It is the expansion of narrow selfish egoistic personality with all pervasive eternal unselfish blissful state of reality. In other sense it is the union of body, mind and soul. Let us try to understand it in the deeper sense.
Equanimity is yoga, serenity is Yoga, skill in action is yoga, control of senses and the mind is yoga, anything by which the best and the highest in life can be attained is yoga. Yoga is the state of Samadhi. It integrates the personality by bringing the body mind coordination in a well balanced way. It elevates oneself by calming the mind, a higher state of mind. It opens up our creativity, so it is the skillful trick to calm down the mind. It is the state of higher powers and potentialities and even as the ultimate state of silence and perfection. It helps a normal human being to elevate to the super or divine human being instead of falling into animal human being. It is an all round personality development.
All these are different definitions to understand the concept of yoga in a different way defined by great saints, yogis and in different scriptures. When we try to understand we find a unique characteristic in all great yogis is the union with the society. Never any such realized souls preached for the self salvation alone. According to them, the real salvation is identifying oneself with the society. This is the reason why greatest yogis, advised to the humanity to serve humanity selflessly to attain higher form of satisfaction, happiness, moreover the self realization and this is the real higher form of yoga, the ultimate.
Swami Vivekananda said “Each soul is potentially divine; the goal is to manifest the divinity within by controlling the nature by work, worship, philosophy and psychic control” So when we understand that the same potentiality or the divinity is there with others then really our outlook changes towards others or even our approach and attitude changes. We start loving others, caring others and start understanding others. We start identifying our self with our body, our family, our relatives, our neighbors, our society our culture, our nation and even with the universe. That leads for the union with the supreme. Kindle the light of love in our heart first, love everything. Let us unite the individuals with love and care. This concept should be kept in our mind when we practice daily Yogasana or want to lead yogic way of life. The greatest need of the world today is the message of serving the society with love and compassion.
The root cause of all problems in modern life is the craving for the worldly enjoyment. It is the fact that the enjoyment cannot bring you the satisfaction of desire; on the contrary, it aggravates desire and makes man more and more restless. The more you search, more you unhappy become, and then the desire also grows when it is not fulfilled. So we can’t be happy as long as the craving for the enjoyment exists.
When we try to understand the concept of yoga, the main misconception is that, it is only mere practice of physical postures, exercises, yogasanas, pranayama, different cleansing techniques or even the meditation alone. Really speaking, all these are only small part of great Yoga. Throughout the day what all we do, everything can be seen through a yogic outlook.

When we do physical exercises or Asana/Pranayama it becomes Raja Yoga. When we surrender to the almighty in spiritual way it become Bhakti yoga, When we engage in doing our duty or responsibilities with full devotion, it becomes Karma Yoga and when we try to acquire knowledge it become Jnana Yoga. The society requires help in all these different ways. It can be intellectual, financial, contributing time with likeminded organizations, spiritually helping others and showing the higher dimensions of life, spreading the message of Yogabhyasa in daily life and there by controlling the diseases. All these can be different form of selfless service which our society is in need of.
What we give back to the society should be more than what we receive from the society. Great sages taught us the same way. Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj by starting Bharat Sevashram Sangha and establishing different branch centers all over the world kept a message in front of us, that is nothing but selfless service to the poor, needy and downtrodden.The need of the hour is this great feeling from the heart that the society needs my service, my contribution in different ways, that way only my personality development takes place or even my salvation fulfills. An intense feeling from the heart, like any other obligation to the family the society too needs our help, our care, that will fulfills the purpose of our life.
When swami Vivekananda went to the west, his main attraction there was the organized work, even though which was very much part of our ancient life and in due course of invasions we lost it and become more of individualistic. An organized work alone only can solve the problems of our nation. When such likeminded people come together and contribute for the development of the society by serving the needy, is the real forms of yoga, then alone the purpose of doing Yogasanas complete, it is a real Karma Yoga, a practical Yoga.
When each one of us start thinking of such patriotic feeling of serving the humanity as a social commitment or the greater role which we need to play as we grow, then the social harmony become easier.

These fundamental thoughts we need to inculcate from childhood, through our secular educational system. Physical fitness of our body and mind is not only for the individual growth, which would really contribute for the fitness of our society that will lead to make this nation great. Let this thought be always there when we do Yogasana in our daily life. Without taking care of this body and mind we become useless to family and society, so need to practice yoga in daily life, in the same time keep a feeling of oneness with the society, then the man making and Nation building become easier.